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“TFOH Himalaya” to all Uttarakhandi brothers and sisters, from the family’s heartfelt greetings,
My dear brothers and sisters, out of love and inspiration from all of you, I have created TFOH Himalaya page on Facebook and TFOH Views Aap Tak channel on YouTube, through this channel to highlight the skills of hidden talents in Uttarakhand to live in documentaries. For all of you connected with ‘Nazar Ki Khabar’ “views aaptak” youtube channel and facebook page has been launched,
Through this channel, keeping an eye on the special activities happening in Uttarakhand, directly connecting brothers and sisters, knowing the secrets of folk culture, undeveloped tourist places and the mythology behind religious places, share them by making a documentary. of the general public. Will be done,
Come share your love to us channel by going to “Views aaptak” channel link on Facebook, TFOH Himalaya’s page and share.

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गृह मंत्री श्री अमित शाह जी के आज मध्य रात्रि उत्तराखण्ड आगमन के पश्चात उन्हें बीते 2 दिनों में आई दैवीय आपदा से हुए नुकसान एवं राहत और बचाव कार्यों का स्वयं भ्रमण कर जो आंकलन किया था, उसके बारे में अवगत कराया।